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Being a Responsible Dog Owner

Resposible Dog OwnerTo be a responsible dog owner, you must provide a serious commitment towards the well being of the dog or puppy, including basic necessities, such as attention.  You must pledge to be responsible and caring. Here are some of the most important rules for being a dog/puppy owner.

Long-term Commitment

Becoming owner of a dog or puppy requires long-term commitment.  It's nothing like purchasing something from a shelf and throwing it away when your done with it or no longer happy with it. When your pet gets ill or misbehaves, you have to be there to help him get better with care.  If there are circumstances in your home where the environment changes, you must give understanding to how it will affect your pet and make all possible efforts to help him/her.

Make sure Your Pet has Proper Identification

Your pet should wear a collar at all times with current identification. You can also provide your pet with a microchip to add an additional form of protection.  This will help you and your pet reunite if he/she gets lost rather than take a chance that your pet will be placed in an unknown shelter.  It's worth it.   

Spay and Neuter Your Dog or Puppy

Something to strongly consider is having you pet spayed or neutered.  Currently there is a tremendous overpopulation in pet animals.  Millions of these pets are unable to find a home.  Unless you are breeder you should strongly consider having your pet sprayed or neutered to avoid contributing to the concern. 

If You are a Breeder

There are many things to be knowledgeable of before becoming a breeder. As example, your pet should be a purebred. Your pet should be healthy with no habitual or hereditary problems. You should include your veterinarian to avoid difficulties from occurring.  Becoming a breeder requires much experience and knowledge.  A breeder is not just a hobby, its taking on responsibility for the additional lives you've helped put on earth. 

Help Maintaining Your Dogs Health

Your pets health is very important.  Pets are not always able to show you where they are hurt or injured.  Whether you knowledgably of an injury or not, you should take your pet to a veterinarian on a regular basis.  You should also make sure to provide the recommended foods and exercise your pet ongoing.  Taking the needed steps will help your pet stay strong and healthy.  Make sure to see the Foods to Avoid page.

Training Your Dog

Having a well-trained pet is beneficial to you and your pet, as well as others around you.  Having a dog that is trained to behaved will less likely trouble other pets in public places making you become more welcome to visit.  Whichever behavior or incident your pet results in, it's considered your responsibility.  This gives much reason why your pet should be well-trained.  View the Dog Training page for the basics. 

It's Best to Respectful

To many people it is easily understood to be respectful with your pet to others; however, there are still people who do not have common sense. Things to remember include maintaining you pet on a leash or in a fenced yard. The better you are able to supervise your pet, less chance he/she could wander off and get lost or become injured.  If your dog persist in barking, bring your pet inside or determine if there is a concern.  Having your pet continue to bark could be an issue, but also could be rude to your neighbors from the ongoing noise. Determine why your pet is barking and address the issue.  Clean-up after your dog.  Common respect is to pick-up after your dogs belongings.  Obtaining and using a bag dispenser would probably be most convenient.  If there are other simple things that you think should be listed, write us.  More that people are reminded, the better life becomes owning a pet.     


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